Matera, the town of the "Sassi", City of Culture, an open-air museum to suit both little ones an grown ups

Discovering Matera is like reading a huge history book, from the Palaeolithic to present.
Among its "Sassi", to whom the town owes its world renown and status of World Heritage, you do not only get a feel of the ancestral human skill of blending in with the natural environment without spoiling and contaminating it (which would also be a valuable attitude in our days), but can also discover a wealth of other interesting features bound to Matera and its surroundings, plus things to do and see on your holiday:

Matera's Cave Dwelling

Just up to a few years ago, Matera's "Sassi" were still inhabited. In was not unusual for large households to share small homes with their animals, in close synergy. That ancient and genuine rural world can now only be found in the Casa Grotta (Cave Dwelling) in Vicolo Solitario, in the Sasso Caveoso district. Nothing has changed since 1957, when it was home to a family of 11. It still treasures the old furniture and equipment, the manger for the mule, and the hole for storing manure, which was used as heating fuel.

Craco, the ghost town

Roughly 55 km from Matera you will find Craco, the ghost town. It is an ancient hamlet standing on a hill, almost 400 metres above sea level, set between the mountains and the sea. Due to a landslide occurred in '63, and to a flood in '72, Craco, which originally had around 2000 inhabitants, was abandoned, turning into a truly intriguing ghost town. A safe dedicated path will lead you around its heart.

• Museo Musma and the Cathedral

Matera's Museo Musma museum is located inside Palazzo Pomeraci, The Palazzo of the hundred rooms, and is devoted to sculpture. It showcases outstanding artists including Manzù, Pomodoro and Ortega. Matera's remarkable Apulian-Romanesque Cathedral is another gem you must not miss.

Crypt of the Original Sin

You just need 20 minutes to reach the Crypt of the Original Sin from our hotel. It is a cave widely acknowledged as the Rock-hewn Sistine Chapel. Rediscovered in 1963, it boasts frescos depicting the Genesis, the Apostles, the Archangels and Our Lady. A truly breathtaking sight!

Dolomiti Lucane

It will take you at least little more than an hour to reach the Dolomiti Lucane mountain range from the hotel - yet it is so unique it is well worth the journey! Shaped by weathering throughout the millenniums, with heights sometimes exceeding one thousand metres, these mountains boast incredible views, with typical hamlets you must not miss, like Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano, where you can try the super exciting Volo dell’Angelo (Angel Flight) experience.
There is so much to do and see, so please feel free to email us for advice or itineraries!
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